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FONDACA - Active Citizenship Foundation is a European think-tank based in Rome.  Since its establishment in 2001, it focuses on citizenship as a way to observe social and political changes ongoing in contemporary societies and in democratic regimes.
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The distinguishing choice of FONDACA approach is to give value to the citizens’ standpoint. “Standpoint” is different from “Point of view” since it does not regard opinions, feelings, fears or expectations, but the material situations citizens live and information coming from this condition.

In its research, advanced training, cultural dialogue, advice activities the European dimension has always been of the utmost importance, due to its character of “democratic experiment” which consists in the attempt of building a democratic system beyond the nation-state model.

Citizenship of the Union is therefore a privileged point of reference of FONDACA work, which is focused also on related phenomena such as organized citizens’ participation in public policy making, new forms of governance, corporate social responsibility, e-democracy.

FONDACA has always had as one of its main focuses the “citizens’ side” of the European project and an enlarged approach to citizenship matters. In this framework, a number of projects and programs related to Community citizenship have been carried out.
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Several contents and information produced by the FONDACA work on Europe are included in the Giovanni Moro’s book Citizens in Europe. Civic Activism and the Community Democratic Experiment (Springer, New York 2012, Italian edition 2009).
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